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Instron UTM at FRP Composite Lab

UTM with Environmental chamber


  • Make and Model: Instron 5967

  • Test temperature: -110 to 250 °C

  • Load range: up to 30 kN

  • Loading rate: up to 1000 mm/min

  • Test fixtures: Tensile and Flexural


  • To obtain the stress vs. strain response of materials at a particular temperature

  • Testing in liquid nitrogen bath

  • Testing can be done in a range of loading rate from a low to moderate value

Netzsch DMA at FRP Composite Lab

Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer (DMA)


  • Make and Model: Netzsch DMA242E

  • Test temperature: -160 to 550 °C

  • Load range: up to 12 ± 12 N

  • Test fixtures: Tensile, Compression, Flexural, Single and dual cantilever

  • Test type: Standard DMA, Creep & Recovery, Stress relaxation


  • To identify the glassy and rubbery states of polymeric materials

  • Long-term creep performance of the materials

  • Can be used to predict the life time of the materials at a given temperature and stress

DSC at FRP Composite Lab
FTIR at FRP Composite Lab

Alternating Differential Scanning Calorimetry-low temperature (ADSC)


  • Make and Model: Mettler Toledo DSC 822

  • Temperature range: -60 to 400 °C

  • Desired static and dynamic temperature cycle setting facility

  • Alternating cooling and heating

  • Heating rate: up to 60 °C/min


  • To determine the glass transition temperature of the polymeric materials

  • To detect the phase transformation in materials

  • Evaluation of thermal history of the materials

Fourier transformed Infra-red Spectroscopy-Attenuated Total Reflection (ATR) Microscope 


  • Make and Model: Shimadzu IR Prestige-21

  • Infra-red range: 350 to 7800 cm-1

  • High sensitivity

  • Sample type: Solid and liquid


  • To obtain the FTIR spectra of powder and film materials

  • Microscope to identify a particular location for FTIR analysis

  • Attenuated Total Reflection

Humidity Chambers 


  • Currently, there are 3 humidity chambers with temperature (10 to 70 °C) and relative humidity (up to 95%) control system


  • To study the kinetics of moisture absorption in polymeric temperature with various combinations of temperature and relative humidity.

  • To evaluate the impact of absorbed water on the structure and properties of the polymeric materials.

FRP composite fabrication Lab

  • Hand lay-up technique of FRP composite fabrication

  • Hot compression machine

  • Diamond tipped wheel cutter

Nanocomposite fabrication

  • 2 No. of Ultra-sonicators

  • 2 No. of Magnetic stirrers

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