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Prof. Bankim Chandra Ray is in the list of the world's top 2% scientists in 2022 (by Stanford University) chosen from among more than 8 million active scientists worldwide for the consecutive 3 years with an upward movement.

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Finite element modelling and experimentation of plain weave glass/epoxy composites under high strain-rate compression loading for estimation of Johnson-Cook model parameters

Authored by: Shubham , Chandra Sekher Yerramalli , Chinmay Sumant , Rajesh Kumar Prusty , Bankim Chandra Ray, 

Published in: International Journal of Impact Engineering (2022), doi: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ijimpeng.2022.104262

Through-Thickness High Strain Rate Compressive Response of Glass/Epoxy-Laminated Composites Embedded with Randomly Oriented Discontinuous Carbon Fibers.

Authored byShubham, Chandra Sekher Yerramalli, Rajesh Kumar Prusty, and Bankim Chandra Ray

Published in: Advances in Structural Integrity. Springer, Singapore, 2022. 103-111.

Effect of Post-Cathodic EPD Acetone Washing of Carbon Fibres on the Mechanical Properties of Graphene Carboxyl Embedded CFRP Composites.

Authored byPavan Kumar Gangineni, et al.

Published in: Transactions of the Indian Institute of Metals(2022):1-7

An assessment of mechanical behavior of glass fiber/epoxy composites with secondary short carbon fiber reinforcements.

Authored bySrinivasu Dasari, Shiny Lohani, and Rajesh Kumar Prusty

Published in: Journal of Applied Polymer Science 139.12 (2022): 51841

Challenges of Adhesively Bonded Joints and Their Advantages over Mechanical Fastening.

Authored byKishore Kumar Mahato, Rajesh Kumar Prusty, and Bankim Chandra Ray.

Published in: Failure of Fibre-Reinforced Polymer Composites. CRC Press, 2021. 53-79.

Enhanced creep resistance of GFRP composites through interpenetrating polymer network.

Authored byGanesh Gupta, Sen, B., Hiremath, M. M., Rajesh Kumar Prusty, and Bankim Chandra Ray.

Published in: International Journal of Mechanical Sciences

Mechanical behavior of electrophoretically modified CFRP composites at elevated temperatures: An assessment of the influence of graphene carboxyl bath concentration

Authored byPavan Kumar Gangineni, Satyaroop Patnaik, Rajesh Kumar Prusty, Bankim Chandra Ray

Published in: Journal of Applied Polymer Science (2021)

Evaluation of mechanical behaviour of graphene oxide grafted CFRP composites: a comparison of anodic and cathodic EPD

Authored bySoumya Sumit Dash, Pavan Kumar Gangineni, BNVS Ganesh Gupta K, Srinivasu Dasari, Rajesh Kumar Prusty, Bankim Chandra Ray

Published in: Advances in Materials and Processing Technologies

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Recently published book:

TitlePhase Transformations and Heat Treatments of Steels

Authored by:  Bankim Chandra Ray, Rajesh Kumar Prusty, Deepak Nayak




TitleFibrous Polymeric Composites: Environmental Degradation and Damage.

Authored by:  Bankim Chandra Ray, Rajesh Kumar Prusty, Dinesh Rathore
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Recent: Prof. Bankim Chandra Ray delivered a technical talk on " Evolving Enlivement of FRP Composites" at Jadavpur University ( Professor S Roy Memorial Lecture).

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