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Mechanical behavior of electrophoretically modified CFRP composites at elevated temperatures: An assessment of the influence of graphene carboxyl bath concentration

Authored byPavan Kumar Gangineni, Satyaroop Patnaik, Rajesh Kumar Prusty, Bankim Chandra Ray

Published in: Journal of Applied Polymer Science (2021)

Evaluation of mechanical behaviour of graphene oxide grafted CFRP composites: a comparison of anodic and cathodic EPD

Authored bySoumya Sumit Dash, Pavan Kumar Gangineni, BNVS Ganesh Gupta K, Srinivasu Dasari, Rajesh Kumar Prusty, Bankim Chandra Ray

Published in: Advances in Materials and Processing Technologies


Effects of Cryogenic Aging on Flexural Behavior of Advanced Inter-ply Hybrid Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composites

Authored bySrinivasu Dasari, Shiny Lohani, Pavan Kumar Gangineni, Rajesh Kumar Prusty

Published in: Transactions of the Indian Institute of Metals

Improving delamination resistance of carbon fiber reinforced polymeric composite by interface engineering using carbonaceous nanofillers through electrophoretic deposition: An assessment at different in‐service temperatures

Authored bySoubhik De, Abhinav Omprakash Fulmali, Krishna Chaitanya Nuli, Rajesh Kumar Prusty, B Gangadhara Prusty, Bankim Chandra Ray

Published inJournal of Applied Polymer Science

Improved mechanical responses of GFRP composites with epoxy-vinyl ester interpenetrating polymer network.

Authored byGanesh Gupta K. B. N. V. S, Hiremath, Mritunjay Maharudrayya, Bankim Chandra Ray, Rajesh Kumar Prusty;

Published inPolymer Testing 93 (2021): 107008.

Effect of ultraviolet radiations on interlaminar shear strength and thermal properties of glass fiber/epoxy composites.

Authored byShiny ​Lohani, Shubham, Rajesh Kumar Prusty, and Bankim Chandra Ray.

Published inMaterials Today: Proceedings (2021).

Temperature and loading speed sensitivity of glass/carbon inter‐ply hybrid polymer composites on tensile loading.

Authored by: Srinivasu D, Sushant S, R. K. Prusty,

Published inJ Appl Polym Sci. 2021;138:e49928.


Books Published

Recently published book:

TitlePhase Transformations and Heat Treatments of Steels

Authored by:  Bankim Chandra Ray, Rajesh Kumar Prusty, Deepak Nayak




TitleFibrous Polymeric Composites: Environmental Degradation and Damage.

Authored by:  Bankim Chandra Ray, Rajesh Kumar Prusty, Dinesh Rathore
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Fibrous Polymeric Composite FRP Composite Lab

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Mr Arnimesh Nayak

B.Tech (2017-2021)

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selected for

graduate studies at

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany.




Ms. Ritupurna Sahoo

M.Tech (Dual)

2016-2021 Batch

for getting a 

position of

Edison Engineer

in the

GE Renewable Energy.




Mr Amrit Jena

B.Tech (2017-2021)

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graduate studies at

The Ruhr-University

Bochum, Germany.

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Ms Anwesha Panda

B.Tech (2016-2020)

Batch for getting



graduate studies at

ETH Zurich.



Miss. Jasmin Nayak for bagging first prize in the National Essay Competition (B.Tech / M.Sc. category) organised by IIM Jamshedpur chapter.



Miss. Shiny Lohani for securing the second position in the intercollege technical presentation

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  2. Ms. Poulami Banerjee (2018)

    3. Mr. Saswat Choudhury (2019)

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