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Dr. Bankim Chandra Ray



Phone: +91-661-2462559 (O),

               +91-9437221560 (M)

Male Researcher

Mr. Rajesh Patnaik

Technical Assistant


Phone: +91-661-2464560 (O),

               +91-9437105404 (M)

Male Researcher

Mrs. Savita Gupta

                Ph.D. Scholar

Thesis Title: Effects of Shock Wave, Moisture and Sea Water on De-bonding of Multilayer FRP Composite Systems - Experimental and Multi-scale Modelling Based Investigation

Mr. Pavan Kumar Gangineni

Ph.D. Scholar

Thesis Title: Fiber/Polymer interfacial engineering by graphene based nanofillers.

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Mr. Shubham

Ph.D. Scholar (Thesis Submitted)
Research Title: Effect of High Strain Rate Compression on FRP composites using SHPB.
Skills: CAD, FEA, CNC, SHPB data analysis
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Dr. Rajesh Kumar Prusty

Assistant Professor

Mr. Srinivasu Dasari 

Ph.D. Scholar
Thesis Title: Hybrid FRP Composites
for structural applications

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Mr. Maheep Kumar Upadhyay

Mtech (2021-23)
Topic: Mechanical behaviour of hybrid FRP composite using EPD

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Ph.D. Scholar
Thesis Title: Effect of CNT functionalisation and alignment in glass/epoxy composite under different temperatures

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Ph.D. Scholar
Thesis Title: Development and study of Metal
FRP joints

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Phone: +91-9527356968


Phone: +91-9640672994

Mr. A.O. Fulmali 

Mr. B N V S Ganesh Gupta K


Mr. Archit Kumar

M.Tech (2021-23)
Thesis Title:  Low temperature water aging of nano-reinforced GE composites with and without allignment of nano-reinforcement.

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M.Tech (Dual Degree) Scholar scholars @ composite lab


Mr. Rudra Narayan Kar

M.Tech Scholar


Mr. S P Santanu

M.Tech (Dual Degree) Scholar
Research Title:  Interlaminar fracture toughness of FRP composites.



B.Tech (2017-2021)
Research Topic: Theoretical and numerical modelling for the prediction of elastic properties of FRP composites.


M.Tech Scholar


Miss. Tanaya Sahoo

B.Tech 4th Year 
CNT alignment and process optimization techniques


 Phone: +91 7381699080

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Executive Ph.D. Scholar
Thesis Title: Development of multiscale Hybrid composites for advanced engineering applications.


Mr. Arnimesh Nayak

B.Tech (2017-2021)
Research Topic: Ballistic application of FRP composites


 Phone: +919658636724


B.Tech (2017-2021)
Research Topic: Effect of matrix modification on mechanical and thermal properties of FRP composites.

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Mr. Supreet Mohanty

B.Tech (2017-2021)
Research Topic: Ab-initio method for the estimation of elastic property of nano structures.

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Mr. Sudhansu Sekhar Choudhury

B.Tech (2018-2022)


Mr. Biswajeet Prusty

B.Tech (2018-2022)

IMG_20200601_134518_736 (1).jpg

Mr. Baishakh Mishra

B.Tech (2018-2022)

Priyojeet Dash _photo.jpg

Mr. Priyojeet Dash

B.Tech (2018-2022)



  1. Dr. Sanghamitra Sethi (2015)

  • Thesis Title: Environmental Degradation Study of FRP Composites Through Evaluation of Mechanical Properties.


   2. Dr. Ramesh Kumar Nayak (2016)

  • Thesis Title: Assessment of Hydrothermal Durability of Nano Al2O3 and TiO2 Enhanced Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite

  • Current Position:  Assistant Professor, Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering, MANIT Bhopal.


   3. Dr. Dinesh Kumar Rathore (2017)

  • Thesis Title: Flexural Behaviour of Nano-Filler enhanced and Inter-Ply Hybrid FRP Composites at different in-Situ Elevated Temperatures.

  • Current Position: Assistant Professor, School of Mechanical Engineering at KIIT, Bhubaneswar.


   4. Dr. Rajesh Kumar Prusty (2017)

  • Thesis Title: Implication Of CNT Fillers on Environmental Durability of GFRP Composites: An Evaluation of Microstructural Features and Mechanical Properties.

  • Current Position: Assistant Professor, Dept. of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, NIT Rourkela.

  5. Mr. Kishore Kumar Mahato(2019)

  • Thesis Title: A study on environmental durability of multiscale glass fibre/epoxy composites at different loading speeds

  • Current Position: Assistant Professor, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, VIT, Vellore.

PhD (Metal Matrix composites and other non-FRP topics)

  1. Dr. Archana Mallik   (2010)

  • Thesis Title: Effects of temperature and ultrasound on nucleation behavior during electrochemical synthesis of Copper thin films.

  • Current Position: Assistant Professor, Dept. of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, NIT Rourkela.

   2. Dr. Ramesh Chandra Sahu (2011)

  • Thesis Title: Neutralization of red mud using CO2 and their utilization.


   3. Dr. Khushbu Dash (2014)

  • Thesis Title: Fabrication and characterization of metal matrix composites: an emphasis on micro and nano particulate reinforcement.

   4. Dr.  Sumanta K. Sahoo (2017)

  • Thesis Title: Fabrication and characterization of nano-structured thin film.

   5. Dr.  Anil K.S. Bankoti   (2017)

  • Thesis Title: Effect of combine addition Ca+Sb on microstructure and properties of AZ91D Magnesium alloy


   6. Dr.  Nidhi Sharma   (2019)

  • Thesis Title:  Development Of Alumina And Silica Based Nanocomposites Using Graphite Nanoplatelets And Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes As Reinforcement

  • Current Position: Post Doc fellow (IIT Kanpur)


  1. Mr. A. Kumar (1989): Hygrothermal effect on mechanical behaviour of glass fiber reinforced composites

  2. Mr. G.C. Patra (1992): Weathering of polymer composites.

  3. Mr. S .S. Panda (1994): Mechanism of environmental degradation of FRP composites.

  4. Mr. D. Mohanty (1995): Interfacial degradation of FRP composites.

  5. Mr. P. K. Mishra (2003): Thermal cyclic on mechanical behaviour of glass fiber rein forced composites.

  6. Mr. D. Mahesh (2004): Effect of environment parameters on polymerization/ depolymerisation of polymers.

  7. Mr. B. Das (2004): Effect of strain rate on mechanical behaviour of FRP composites.

  8. Ms. S. Setty (2006): Loading rate sensitivity of Glass, Carbon and Glass/Carbon reinforced polymer composites at low temperatures.

  9. Ms. Neeti Sharma (2007): Assessment of small interactions and structural gradient at the FRP composites by FTIR –imaging and DSC techniques.

  10. Ms. Renu Prava Dalai (2010): An Assessment of Mechanical Behavior of Fibrous Polymeric Composites under Different Loading Speeds at Above- And Sub-Ambient Temperatures.

  11. Ms. Sanghamitra Sethi (2010): Characterization of interfacial integrity and its implication on mechanical behavior of FRP composites.

  12. Mr. K K Mahato (2014): An assessment of mechanical behavior of environmentally conditioned fibre reinforced polymer composites.

  13. Mr. Devalingam Santhosh Kumar (2015): New Generation Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composites for Low and Cryogenic Temperature Applications.

  14. Mr. Meet Jayesh Shukla (2015): Elevated Temperature Performance of Hybrid Polymer Composites.

  15. Mr. Sarat Chandra Mohanty (2016): Development of CNT modified GFRP composite and assessment of its elevated temperature mechanical performance.

  16. Mr. Bhanu Pratap Singh (2016): Mechanical performance evaluation of carbon nanotube reinforced polymer nanocomposites at above ambient temperature environments.

  17. Mr. Pradeep Kumar Biswal (2017): Mechanical Performance of Glass/Carbon Hybrid Polymer Composites under Cryogenic Temperature and Humid Environments.

  18. Mr. Debaraj Sahoo (2017): Effect of Humid Ageing on the Durability of Functionalized CNT Embedded GFRP Composite.

  19. Mr. Sohan Kumar Ghosh (2017): Flexural and creep performance of graphene oxide reinforced glass fiber/epoxy composite at elevated temperatures.

  20. Mr. Sai Seetha Ram Nomula (2017): Durability assessment of Carbon nano tubes embedded glass fiber reinforced polymer composites at elevated temperature and different corrosive environments.

  21. Mr. Abhinav O.Fulmali (2018): Effect of CNT/CNT-COOH addition on Creep performance and water absorption behaviour of embedded glass fiber/epoxy composites.

  22. Ms. Kattaguri Rani (2018): Resistance of CNF modified glass fiber/epoxy composites towards various corrosive fluids.

  23. Mr. Abhijeet Anand (2018): Graphene Oxide embedded GFRP composites: A feasibility study for Marine Applications.

  24. Ms. Poulami Banerjee (2018): Development of multi-scale GFRP composites using Nano- Silica functionalized Graphene Oxide.

  25. Mr. Soubhik De (2019): Interphase Modification of CFRP composite by Electrophoretic deposition by carbon based nanofillers and its impact at different service temperatures.

  26. Mr. N Jyoti Krishna (2019), "Nano Silica hybridized Graphene Oxide: Suitability analysis for reinforcing FRP composites"

  27. Mr. Krishna Chaitanya Nuli (2019), "Evaluation of mechanical, thermal properties and water uptake kinetics of FCNT, CNT incorporated GE under different harsh environments"

  28.  Mr. Yandrapu Sagar (2019), "Effect of bath concentration and current during electrophoretic deposition process on the properties of CFRP composite" 

  29. Mr. Avadesh Yadav (2020), "Mechanical properties of CNT embedded fiber reinforced polymer composite at various temperatures: A comparative analysis through different processing techniques"

  30. Mr. Hiremath Mritunjay M (2020), "Mechanical Characterization of nano titania reinforced Fiber Metal Laminates for Structural Applications"

  31.  Mr. Sushant Saurabh (2020), "Enhancement in Mode I interlaminar fracture toughness of glass/epoxy composites by using multiscale composite approach"

  32. Mr. Bhaskar Sen (2020), "Techniques to enhance the mechanical properties of carbon nanotube embedded glass fibre reinforced epoxy composites"

  33. Mr. Satyaroop Patnaik (2020), "Interlaminar performance of cryogenically conditioned CFRP composites modified by graphene based nanofillers via electrophoretic deposition"


  35. Mr. Soumya Sumit Dash (2021), "Effect of fibre polarity during electrophoretic deposition of graphene oxide on carbon fibre and evaluation of mechanical behaviour of composite"


  1. Mr. Sabitra Subhadarsan Panda and Mr. Pradipta Kumar Das (2007): Fiber reinforced polymer composites characterization by differential scanning calorimeter.

  2. Mr. Paritosh Upadhyay and Mr. Subrat Kumar Patro (2008): Failure Characterization of FRP by Scanning Electron Microscope Technique.

  3. Mr. Ashutosh Priyadarshi and Mr. Kuntal Das (2008): Interface Assessment of FRP by Alternating DSC and FTIR Imaging Techniques.

  4. Mr. Chiranjeevee Mohapatra (2009): Revealing of Failure Modes of FRP Composites by Microscopic Technique.

  5. Ms. K Shilpa, Ms. G Panda and Ms. M Kumari (2010): Damage and Degradation Study of FRP Composites.

  6. Ms. Prachi Swatantrata Jha and Ms. Swati Mitra (2011):  Impact and Implication of Thermal Conditioning on the Mechanical behavior of FRP Composites. 

  7. Mr. Prabhash Kumar Panda and Mr. Rakesh Nayak (2011): Effect of Thermal and Microwave Treatment on Low Temperature Mechanical Property of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite: An Experimental Exploration.

  8. Mr. Sudhanshu Sekhar Tulip and Mr. Raj Shekhar (2013): An Assessment of Mechanical Behavior on High Temperature and Different Volume Fraction of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites.

  9. Ms. Shivangi Sahu and Ms. Soumya Mishra (2014): Effects of Thermal Spikes on Hygrothermally and Ultraviolet Radiation Treated Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites.

  10. Mr. Abhisek Agrawalla and Ms. Namrata Keshri (2015): Durability Assessment of Multiwalled Carbon-Nanotubes Modified Advanced Fibrous Polymeric Composite in Different Marine Environment.

  11. Ms. Hem Shruti Bhardwaj and Ms. Prangya Paramita (2015): Environmental Study of Nano-Filler Embedded Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite.

  12. Mr. Brajesh Ranjan (2016): Mechanical performance of epoxy with varying content of carbonaceous nano-filler at elevated temperature.

  13. Mr. Jyoti Prakash and Ms. Philkhana Naga Harshita (2016): Role of environmental temperature on the mechanical behaviour of Nanoclay modified epoxy composite.

  14. Ms. Sweta Sahoo and Ms. Varsha Parida (2016): Elevated Temperature Performance of Carbon Nanotube Modified Epoxy Nanocomposites.

  15. Mr. Swastik Somaray Mashyal (2016): Role of environmental temperature on the mechanical behaviour of 0.5 wt % carbon nano fiber modified epoxy nanocomposite and glass fibre reinforced composite.

  16. Mr. Tanmay Mahendra Goswami (2017): Effect of Nano-Silica reinforcement on mechanical behaviour of GFRP composites at different temperatures.

  17. Ms. Ashika Agrawal and Mr. Bata Krishna Giri (2017): Flexural and Creep behavior of CNF enhanced GFRP composites at different temperatures.

  18. Mr. Dipesh Divyanshu (2017): Cryogenic performance of Nano-Silica embedded Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer composite.

  19. Ms. Akula Gayatri Sri Anjani and Mr. Arunesh Kumar Pandey (2017): Effect of Loading Rate and Temperature on Mechanical Performance of CNT Modified Glass Epoxy Fiber Reinforced Composite.

  20.  Mr. Chaganti S Sarat Chandra and Mr. Ganesh Arepalli (2018): Effect of Hydrothermal cycling on mechanical properties of glass fiber/Epoxy composites with and without CNT.

  21.  Mr. Soubhagya Kumar Nayak and Mr. Ankit Adarsha Patra (2018): Effect of Freeze- thaw cycling on properties of CNT reinforced Glass Epoxy composite.

  22. Mr. Himanshu Shekhar (2019), "Fabrication of Single Lap Joint and determination of the effect of adhesive thickness on the lap shear strength of the joint" 

  23. Ms. P.N. Shivangi (2019), "Experimental investigation on the effect of nano- fillers on the carbon fibre modified through Electrophoretic deposition" - B.Tech.    Supervisor     2018-19 Spring

  24. Mr. Saswat Choudhury (2019), "Enhancement in Properties and Performance of advanced FRP composites to be used in structural applications through fiber modification" 

  25.  Mr. Shashwat Alok (2019), "Fabrication of Single Lap Joint and determination of the effect of adhesive thickness on the lap shear strength of the joint" 

  26. Mr. Vinit Kumar Agarwalla (2019), "Assessment of severely thermal shock conditioning of nano TiO2 enhanced glass fiber/epoxy composites at various loading rate"

  27. Anwesha Panda (2020), "Temperature Dependency of Inter-laminar Behaviour of Graphene Carboxyl modified CFRPs: An Emphasis on Effect of Nano-filler Concentration"

  28. Ms. Kathula Padma Nayani (2020), "Mechanical Characterisation of Adhesively Bonded Lap Joints: An Assessment on Adhesive Types and Testing Temperature"

  29. Mr. Lavudya Saikiran (2020), "FRP STRENGTHENED STEEL STRUCTURES" 

  30.  Mr. Ankush Kumar Gautam (2021), "Effect of Cure Parameters on Vinyl ester Polymer" 

  31. Mr. B Arnimesh Nayak (2021), "Effect of Matrix Modification and Alignment Techniques on the mechanical properties of FRP Composite."

  32. Mr. Bandi Manohar (2021), "Effect of Aluminium Powder Addition on the Thermal Behaviour of Short Carbon Fibre Reinforced Epoxy Composites" 

  33.  Ms. Shiny Lohani (2021), "Mechanical Behavior of Glass/Epoxy composites modified with MWCNT and MLG"

  34. Mr. Supreet Mohanty (2021), "Investigation of Elastic Properties of Titanium Dioxide from First principles" - 

  35. Amrit Jena (2021), "Numerical Estimation of Elastic Properties of Short Fiber-Reinforced Composites and Experimental Investigation of Nano-Fillers Addition in Continuous Fiber Polymer Composites" 

  36. Chintada Guna Sai (2021), "FATIGUE BEHAVIOUR OF FRP COMPOSITES" 

  37.  Gourav Samal (2021), "FATIGUE BEHAVIOUR OF FRP COMPOSITES" 

  38.  Jasmin Nayak (2021), "A comparison between CNT doped carbon fiber reinforced polymer composites and neat carbon fiber reinforced polymer composites" 


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