Science Researcher

Dr. Bankim Chandra Ray



Phone: +91-661-2462559 (O),

               +91-9437221560 (M)

Male Researcher

Mr. Rajesh Patnaik

Technical Assistant


Phone: +91-661-2464560 (O),

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Male Researcher

Mrs. Savita Gupta

                Ph.D. Scholar

Thesis Title: Effects of Shock Wave, Moisture and Sea Water on De-bonding of Multilayer FRP Composite Systems - Experimental and Multi-scale Modelling Based Investigation

Mr. Pavan Kumar Gangineni

Ph.D. Scholar

Thesis Title: Fiber/Polymer interfacial engineering by graphene based nanofillers.

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Mr. Shubham

Ph.D. Scholar

Research Title: Effect of High Strain Rate Compression on FRP composites using SHPB.

Skills: CAD, FEA, CNC, SHPB data analysis

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Dr. Rajesh Kumar Prusty

Assistant Professor


Mr. Srinivasu Dasari 

Ph.D. Scholar

Thesis Title: Hybrid FRP Composites

for structural applications



Miss. Ritupurna Sahoo

Mtech (Dual Degree)

An Experimental Investigation on Mechanical Performance of Fiber-Metal Laminates

Mr. Sushant Saurabh


Thesis Title: Hybrid FRP Composites for structural applications


 Phone: +91-9159885311/


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Phone: +91-9527356968

Ph.D. Scholar

Thesis Title: CNT Alignment


Ph.D. Scholar

Thesis Title: Development and study of Metal

FRP joints

Mr. A.O. Fulmali 

Mr. B N V S Ganesh Gupta K


Phone: +91-9640672994

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M.Tech Scholar

Thesis Title:  Electrophoretic Deposition (EPD) in FRP composites



Thesis Title: Mechanical and thermal analysis of carbon fiber reinforced vinyl easter composite with matrix/fiber surface modification using carbon Nanotube.

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M.Tech (Dual degree)

Research Title: Alignment of CNTs in polymeric composites: existing challenges and technological benefits



B.Tech 4th Year

Research Topic: Theoretical and numerical modelling for the prediction of elastic properties of FRP composites.


B.Tech 4th Year 

Research Topic: Ballistic application of FRP composites.

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M.Tech (Dual degree)

Research Title: CFRP composites interfacial engineering by carbon based Nanofillers.


Mr. Arnimesh Nayak

B.Tech 4th Year 

Research Topic: Ballistic application of FRP composites


 Phone: +919658636724

Mr. Mritunjay M. Hiremath


Thesis Title:  FRP - FRP Joining and Fiber Metal Laminates

Miss. Anwesha Panda


Research Topic: Effect of strain rate and temperature on Graphene decorated CFRPs


 Phone: +917609942644


Mr. Supreet Mohanty

B.Tech 4th Year 

Research Topic: Ab-initio method for the estimation of elastic property of nano structures.


Miss. Tanaya Sahoo

B.Tech 3rd Year 

CNT alignment and process optimization techniques


 Phone: +91 7381699080



  1. Dr. Sanghamitra Sethi (2015)

  • Thesis Title: Environmental Degradation Study of FRP Composites Through Evaluation of Mechanical Properties.


   2. Dr. Ramesh Kumar Nayak (2016)

  • Thesis Title: Assessment of Hydrothermal Durability of Nano Al2O3 and TiO2 Enhanced Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite

  • Current Position:  Assistant Professor, Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering, MANIT Bhopal.


   3. Dr. Dinesh Kumar Rathore (2017)

  • Thesis Title: Flexural Behaviour of Nano-Filler enhanced and Inter-Ply Hybrid FRP Composites at different in-Situ Elevated Temperatures.

  • Current Position: Assistant Professor, School of Mechanical Engineering at KIIT, Bhubaneswar.


   4. Dr. Rajesh Kumar Prusty (2017)

  • Thesis Title: Implication Of CNT Fillers on Environmental Durability of GFRP Composites: An Evaluation of Microstructural Features and Mechanical Properties.

  • Current Position: Assistant Professor, Dept. of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, NIT Rourkela.

  5. Mr. Kishore Kumar Mahato(2019)

  • Thesis Title: A study on environmental durability of multiscale glass fibre/epoxy composites at different loading speeds

  • Current Position: Assistant Professor, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, VIT, Vellore.

PhD (Metal Matrix composites and other non-FRP topics)

  1. Dr. Archana Mallik   (2010)

  • Thesis Title: Effects of temperature and ultrasound on nucleation behavior during electrochemical synthesis of Copper thin films.

  • Current Position: Assistant Professor, Dept. of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, NIT Rourkela.

   2. Dr. Ramesh Chandra Sahu (2011)

  • Thesis Title: Neutralization of red mud using CO2 and their utilization.


   3. Dr. Khushbu Dash (2014)

  • Thesis Title: Fabrication and characterization of metal matrix composites: an emphasis on micro and nano particulate reinforcement.

   4. Dr.  Sumanta K. Sahoo (2017)

  • Thesis Title: Fabrication and characterization of nano-structured thin film.

   5. Dr.  Anil K.S. Bankoti   (2017)

  • Thesis Title: Effect of combine addition Ca+Sb on microstructure and properties of AZ91D Magnesium alloy


   6. Dr.  Nidhi Sharma   (2019)

  • Thesis Title:  Development Of Alumina And Silica Based Nanocomposites Using Graphite Nanoplatelets And Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes As Reinforcement

  • Current Position: Post Doc fellow (IIT Kanpur)


  1. Mr. A. Kumar (1989): Hygrothermal effect on mechanical behaviour of glass fiber reinforced composites

  2. Mr. G.C. Patra (1992): Weathering of polymer composites.

  3. Mr. S .S. Panda (1994): Mechanism of environmental degradation of FRP composites.

  4. Mr. D. Mohanty (1995): Interfacial degradation of FRP composites.

  5. Mr. P. K. Mishra (2003): Thermal cyclic on mechanical behaviour of glass fiber rein forced composites.

  6. Mr. D. Mahesh (2004): Effect of environment parameters on polymerization/ depolymerisation of polymers.

  7. Mr. B. Das (2004): Effect of strain rate on mechanical behaviour of FRP composites.

  8. Ms. S. Setty (2006): Loading rate sensitivity of Glass, Carbon and Glass/Carbon reinforced polymer composites at low temperatures.

  9. Ms. Neeti Sharma (2007): Assessment of small interactions and structural gradient at the FRP composites by FTIR –imaging and DSC techniques.

  10. Ms. Renu Prava Dalai (2010): An Assessment of Mechanical Behavior of Fibrous Polymeric Composites under Different Loading Speeds at Above- And Sub-Ambient Temperatures.

  11. Ms. Sanghamitra Sethi (2010): Characterization of interfacial integrity and its implication on mechanical behavior of FRP composites.

  12. Mr. K K Mahato (2014): An assessment of mechanical behavior of environmentally conditioned fibre reinforced polymer composites.

  13. Mr. Devalingam Santhosh Kumar (2015): New Generation Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composites for Low and Cryogenic Temperature Applications.

  14. Mr. Meet Jayesh Shukla (2015): Elevated Temperature Performance of Hybrid Polymer Composites.

  15. Mr. Sarat Chandra Mohanty (2016): Development of CNT modified GFRP composite and assessment of its elevated temperature mechanical performance.

  16. Mr. Bhanu Pratap Singh (2016): Mechanical performance evaluation of carbon nanotube reinforced polymer nanocomposites at above ambient temperature environments.

  17. Mr. Pradeep Kumar Biswal (2017): Mechanical Performance of Glass/Carbon Hybrid Polymer Composites under Cryogenic Temperature and Humid Environments.

  18. Mr. Debaraj Sahoo (2017): Effect of Humid Ageing on the Durability of Functionalized CNT Embedded GFRP Composite.

  19. Mr. Sohan Kumar Ghosh (2017): Flexural and creep performance of graphene oxide reinforced glass fiber/epoxy composite at elevated temperatures.

  20. Mr. Sai Seetha Ram Nomula (2017): Durability assessment of Carbon nano tubes embedded glass fiber reinforced polymer composites at elevated temperature and different corrosive environments.

  21. Mr. Abhinav O.Fulmali (2018): Effect of CNT/CNT-COOH addition on Creep performance and water absorption behaviour of embedded glass fiber/epoxy composites.

  22. Ms. Kattaguri Rani (2018): Resistance of CNF modified glass fiber/epoxy composites towards various corrosive fluids.

  23. Mr. Abhijeet Anand (2018): Graphene Oxide embedded GFRP composites: A feasibility study for Marine Applications.

  24. Ms. Poulami Banerjee (2018): Development of multi-scale GFRP composites using Nano- Silica functionalized Graphene Oxide.

  25. Mr. Soubhik De (2019): Interfacial strength enhancement in CFRP Composites by fiber surface modification.



  1. Mr. Sabitra Subhadarsan Panda and Mr. Pradipta Kumar Das (2007): Fiber reinforced polymer composites characterization by differential scanning calorimeter.

  2. Mr. Paritosh Upadhyay and Mr. Subrat Kumar Patro (2008): Failure Characterization of FRP by Scanning Electron Microscope Technique.

  3. Mr. Ashutosh Priyadarshi and Mr. Kuntal Das (2008): Interface Assessment of FRP by Alternating DSC and FTIR Imaging Techniques.

  4. Mr. Chiranjeevee Mohapatra (2009): Revealing of Failure Modes of FRP Composites by Microscopic Technique.

  5. Ms. K Shilpa, Ms. G Panda and Ms. M Kumari (2010): Damage and Degradation Study of FRP Composites.

  6. Ms. Prachi Swatantrata Jha and Ms. Swati Mitra (2011):  Impact and Implication of Thermal Conditioning on the Mechanical behavior of FRP Composites. 

  7. Mr. Prabhash Kumar Panda and Mr. Rakesh Nayak (2011): Effect of Thermal and Microwave Treatment on Low Temperature Mechanical Property of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite: An Experimental Exploration.

  8. Mr. Sudhanshu Sekhar Tulip and Mr. Raj Shekhar (2013): An Assessment of Mechanical Behavior on High Temperature and Different Volume Fraction of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites.

  9. Ms. Shivangi Sahu and Ms. Soumya Mishra (2014): Effects of Thermal Spikes on Hygrothermally and Ultraviolet Radiation Treated Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites.

  10. Mr. Abhisek Agrawalla and Ms. Namrata Keshri (2015): Durability Assessment of Multiwalled Carbon-Nanotubes Modified Advanced Fibrous Polymeric Composite in Different Marine Environment.

  11. Ms. Hem Shruti Bhardwaj and Ms. Prangya Paramita (2015): Environmental Study of Nano-Filler Embedded Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite.

  12. Mr. Brajesh Ranjan (2016): Mechanical performance of epoxy with varying content of carbonaceous nano-filler at elevated temperature.

  13. Mr. Jyoti Prakash and Ms. Philkhana Naga Harshita (2016): Role of environmental temperature on the mechanical behaviour of Nanoclay modified epoxy composite.

  14. Ms. Sweta Sahoo and Ms. Varsha Parida (2016): Elevated Temperature Performance of Carbon Nanotube Modified Epoxy Nanocomposites.

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  18. Mr. Dipesh Divyanshu (2017): Cryogenic performance of Nano-Silica embedded Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer composite.

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  21.  Mr. Soubhagya Kumar Nayak and Mr. Ankit Adarsha Patra (2018): Effect of Freeze- thaw cycling on properties of CNT reinforced Glass Epoxy composite.

  22. Ms. P.N. SHIVANGI (2019): Electrophoretic Deposition of CNT on carbon Fiber Surface using EPD technique.

  23. Mr. Saswat Choudhury (2019): Enhancement in Properties and Performance of advanced FRP composites to be used in structural applications through fiber modification.